Topic 1: Understanding Choice

Ruben Martinez Cardenas – Type Search and Choice: True and Adopted Type Mismatch and the Generation of Frames.

Robert Davies – Refining Our Understanding of Choice Blindness

Topic 2: What Actions Should be Taken on Climate Change?

Sarah Najm – Economic aspects of burden-sharing in reducing CO2 emissions

Josh Wells – What role should economics play in understanding climate justice?

Topic 3: Feminism and the Role of Economics

Neha Hui – Game theoretical Framework and the Possibility of Dialogue between Feminism and Economic Theory

Yanos Soubieski – What Economics cannot offer to Feminism.

Topic 4: Crisis, Democracy and Conflict; Emerging and Developing Economies in an Interconnected World

Ieva Skarda – Globalisation and Democracy: the Effect of Trade

Aida García-Lázaro – A DSGE Model with Macro-prudential Policies for Emerging Economics

Topic 5: Social Justice and Inequality

Weijie Luo – Inequality and Fiscal Policy

Martin Bloomfield – Cornel West and the Challenges of Social Justice

Matthew Robson – Estimating the Level of Inequality Aversion and the Degree of Self-Interest

Topic 6: Representing the Underrepresented; Economic Evaluations in Child Health and Ownership of Wildlife

Richard Mattock – Social Choice: What is the best way to determine the “social good” for decision making in healthcare. Given these conclusions are the current methods used for economic evaluations appropriate for decision making in child health?

Julius Kapembwa – Who do wildlife belong to?

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