Our 2nd IRNEP conference is this year being held at the University of York; the 3rd and 4th of October, 2016. If you are interested, or trying to find that website, there is a link here: https://irnepconference2016.wordpress.com/ which will take you there.


The 1st IRNEP PhD conference will take place at the University of Reading on the 5th and 6th of October, 2015. The aim of the conference is to merge the disciplines of Economics and Philosophy, in order to provoke alternate points of view and interesting discussions. Attendees, who are PhD researchers from the University of York and the University of Reading, will present their research to those attending. One philosopher and one economist will present on a related topic, then there will be an open discussion of both papers. Hopefully, this will provide an opportunity for constructive criticism from other PhD students, from another discipline as well as your own. An hour will be devoted to each topic, 15 minutes per presentation with a 30 minute discussion, giving ample time for discussion around the topic area. The presentations should be accessible to not only those in either discipline, but also to those who are not. As a result a prize will be given to the philosopher whose presentation was most accessible to the economists and a prize for the economist whose presentation was most accessible to the philosophers.

Alongside the PhD researchers presentations we will have several Guest Speakers presenting on related topics. Our opening speaker is Professor Mark Casson, Professor of Economics at the University of Reading and Visiting Research Professor at the University of York. Speaking together, in a similar format to the PhD presentations, to begin the second day of the conference will be Professor John Broome, Emeritus White’s Professor of Moral Philosophy, and Dr Dominic Roser, Doctor of Political Philosophy, both of whom are at the University of Oxford and have a PhD in Economics. Closing the conference is Professor Brad Hooker, who is a Professor of Philosophy, at the University of Reading.We would like to give our thanks to the funding bodies who were generous enough to provide us with the necessary funds in order to run this conference. Firstly, to the Royal Economic Society (RES) who provided us with a very generous donation, which has enabled us to provide accommodation and travel for those travelling to the event, and a conference dinner for all involved. Secondly, to Reading University graduate school whose generous funding has provided funds for our guest speaker, lunch and much needed coffee. Additionally, to the Department of Economics and Related Studies (DERS) in York, their generous donation has provided for the additional students travelling from York, who needed accommodation and travel to attend. To the Leverhulme Trust who provided a very welcome last minute injection of funds. Finally to the Reading Ethics and  Political Philosophy (REAPP) who have kindly provided the funding for the conference awards.


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